Thu, 14th Mar — 2 notes
Nice warm tones in this automatic abstract infrastructure piece on ABSTRAKTOR.
Mon, 10th Sep — 1 note

Sun, 9th Sep — 4 notes
My modest homage to Jerry Nelson (1934-2012) and Count Von Count. May they rest in peace…
Sun, 26th Aug — 0 notes
ABSTRAKTOR: Fiery Orange, Red, and Yellow, Equilateral Triangles, Parallelograms, Trapezoids, Rhombuses
Sun, 12th Aug — 2 notes
Fri, 15th Jun — 0 notes
ABSTRAKTOR: Fractured Horizon Stack
Fri, 15th Jun — 1 note
ABSTRAKTOR: Crazy Colorful Horizontal lines. More at
Thu, 14th Jun — 1 note
ABSTRAKTOR: Sediment. This one reminds me a little bit of Clyfford Still.
Thu, 14th Jun — 0 notes
Wed, 13th Jun — 0 notes
ABSTRAKTOR: Glitch Sky Strata in Hampstead Heath, London.
Wed, 13th Jun — 1 note
ABSTRAKTOR: Chaotic Circular grid
Tue, 12th Jun — 4 notes
ABSTRAKTOR: Glitched Abstract in Green and Yellow.
Tue, 12th Jun — 2 notes
ABSTRAKTOR: Circle chain
Mon, 11th Jun — 2 notes
ABSTRAKTOR: Electric Ocean Sunset
Mon, 11th Jun — 1 note